• Power Source : 120VAC
  • Voltage : 120
  • Size : 3.25″x1.25″

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The HS-3 Heater-Stat is an temperature controlled electrical thermostat outlet. Designed to automatically turn electrical devices on and off  when the ambient temperature drops or raises in accordance with a preset temperature setting; the HS-3 is the ideal device to control the operation of the Oil Pan Heater and Battery Warmer or Block Heater.

The HS-3 plugs into an outdoor 120 volt AC electrical outlet and has two 120 volt receptacles. The maximum electrical load is 1800 watts; this will accommodate both the largest oil pan heater, TH1000-1, and  the battery warmer, TBH60-1, being plugged in together.

The oil pan heater and the battery warmer will be automatically turned on when the ambient temperature falls below 35°F (2°C) and stay on and until the ambient temperature exceeds 45°F (7°C).


Electrical usage and energy cost is consequently reduced.

  • UL and CSA
  • Fully Automatic.
  • Turns ON oil pan heaters, battery warmers & block heaters only when needed.
  • Reduces electrical consumption and costs.
  • No special installation required. Just plug it in ………
  • Suitable for many other uses, heat tape, tank de-icers, heat lamps, freeze warning devices.
  • Maximum rating, 1800 watts, 15 amps, use with GFCI outlet.

One Year Warranty


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