The temperature drop has already started all around USA & various parts of USA. Does it really matters to plug in your vehicle with oil pan heaters at night to avoid the engine blocking??? It might seem an ordinary issue but in Northern Canada where the temperature drops to -40̊C; engine oil freezing is a must… Winters are tough at your vehicle too; so, oil pan heater necessarily holds a special place. It keeps your engine warm which makes it start instantly. The several other components of the vehicles are also secure with this.

The transportation operations in the extreme weather conditions need dependable alternatives. Help your engine to kick start in the coldest weather by employing oil pan heaters. These pan heaters provide heat to the engine oil that is susceptible to freeze. Titan Pad Heaters provide an energy efficient solution to makes your winter a happening experience. We are providing a range of products, you can select according to your requirements….

What are the benefits???

  • Oil pan heater warms the internal engine components by placing it on the flat & smooth metal surface.
  • Instant start in cold weather
  • Decreases engine wear & tear by increasing the fluid flow
  • Easy installation with an adhesive surface
  • Weather Proofing
  • Applied on heavy duty trucks, cars & SUVs, tractors to avoid transportation issues.